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About Our Company

We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in the shareholder value and capital market industries to provide our clients insightful market-based perspectives and performance metrics to motivate owner-like behavior within their organizations.   We’ve developed state of the art analyses that are clear and understandable in order to assist clients in driving their company’s value higher. We have nearly four decades of experience applying advanced corporate finance and valuation principles which provide a framework for decision making to aid our client’s critical strategic choices.

Our analytical framework is detailed in “Postmodern Corporate Finance”, published in Morgan Stanley’s Journal of Applied Corporate Finance.  This new and innovative framework is "value-based" while also fixing the balance between growth and return that has been lost on many supposedly “shareholder value” focused methodologies.   So rather than myopically focusing on maximizing rates of return, our clients are driven by top line sales growth and returns (as measured by Residual Cash Margins (RCM), as defined based on extensive capital market research. 

While better metrics are an important aspect of what we do, ultimately, it is through our thoughtful interpretation and recommendations where our clients benefit the most.  We are dedicated to helping our clients get the most out of their business in an effort to improve their company’s value.

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