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  Value Creation Derives from Differentiation
  The Growth-Return Tradeoff
  Portfolio Strategy – The Right Strategy at the Right Level
  Measurement Errors – The  Problem with Front-Loaded Cost
  Understanding Investors Expectations is Critical
  Important to Plan With Cycles
  Creating Value Through Capital Deployment

Incorporating M&A as
a Strategic Tool

  Targeting the Right
Investors Counts
  Focus and Discipline from
Internal Capitalism
  our views
Focus and Discipline from Internal Capitalism

The spirit of Internal Capitalism, as the directive to maximize shareholder value, should steer strategies, decisions and performance measures. Modern corporate finance dictates that value is the present value of the cash flow a business is expected to generate over time. The business units maximize cash flow by operating efficiently while making growth investments that promise an adequate return.

For a shareholder value decision framework to be effective, management must embrace the notion that value creation is the prime objective and practice Internal Capitalism. This will lead to an owner-like frame of mind, treating the company’s resources as if they were their own.

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