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News & Events
09/13/2012 John Cryan, Partner of Fortuna Advisors LLC, will be presenting “Increasing the Effectiveness of Share Repurchase and Dividend Policies” at the Treasury Management Association of New York (“TMANY”).
During this session we’ll examine the impact that cash being distributed to shareholders instead of being reinvested in the business has on the long term returns delivered to shareholders. The presentation will center on cold hard facts derived from extensive capital markets research which quantifies the effectiveness and ROI of these distribution strategies. Learn More
10/15/2012 Greg Milano, Chief Executive Officer of Fortuna Advisors LLC, will be presenting “Setting Hurdle Rates that Encourage Growth” at the AFP Annual Conference.
Hurdle rates for new investments are the primary tool used by finance to control capital and hold different investments to a similar standards across the organization. However, these hurdles are often set too high, stifling the amount of investment. Research shows that the hurdle rate for operating performance of investments is much lower than that used by corporations. Learn how setting a hurdle rate in-tune with the capital markets will better allocate capital and incentivize more investments. Learn More
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